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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Any time we are working in the Permian Basin we are staying with Corporate Housing Co-op, hands down. I wouldn’t say there is never a time to use other forms of housing but Corporate Housing Co-Op is the best fit for about 90% of our housing needs. If we are staying anywhere longer than 1-2 days at a time, our first call is to Corporate Housing Co-op."
Aaron HoelscherProject Manager, MW Builders
“You never realize how nice it is to cook until you have lived in most kinds of extended stay housing. With Corporate Housing Co-op they provide a fully furnished kitchen that I use daily. I can use my per diem much smarter to buyer healthier food. Being able to cook what I want is great."
Michael DentonProject Manager, MW Builders
“We have used other housing for our guys in the past and have been bombarded by complaints from the men. Since we started using Corporate Housing Co-op I haven’t dealt with a single complaint. They have been professional and great to work with! I have to mention that move in and move out was a breeze – and we saved a ton of money.”
Mike MartiProject Manager, MW Builders
“Having a house to come home to and a quiet room to myself is truly something I don’t know what I would do without. I get better sleep and I would say it definitely helps me be more productive on the job. I’ve stayed in other places, and frankly, they don’t even compare.”
W. D. LewisProject Manager, MW Builders

What You Must Consider Before Choosing a Housing Option:


Worker Productivity

Worker Retention

corporate housing
corporate housing
corporate housing

Many companies are unaware of the affordability of Corporate Housing Co-op. Corporate Housing Co-op is typically 50% less than hotels and 75% less than man camps.

Most companies do not realize how much worker fatigue affects worker productivity. Worker fatigue may be losing your company 10% or 5.6 hours per week, per worker. Industry average places this at $784 per month, per worker!

70% of workers have been contracted by recruiting services. Workers in man camps are 66% more likely to change employers than those in quality housing.







Let's Look at Each Option as a Comparison:


Corporate Housing


Man Camps

RV Parks

Low Cost

Comfortable Living Conditions


Flexible Food Choices

Home Like Feel

Onsite Laundry

Average Monthly Cost Based on a 6 Man Crew

$5500/ month

$13,500/ month

$20,700/ month

$2520/ month

How Corporate Housing

Can Save You Money

Corporate Housing Co-op is typically is 50% less than Hotels and 75% lower than Man Camps. This is before adding in all of the amenities your workers will need. Add in the benefit of less worker fatigue, and it truly is an unbeatable combination.

Watch our video on the right to see how the price breaks down for Corporate Housing:

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