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About Us

For over 7 years, Corporate Housing Co-op has been providing quality single family homes in excellent neighborhoods for temporary leases. We provide the amenities of "just like home living," including high quality furnishings, full kitchens, cable, internet, and maid service. Our mission is to give you customized living conditions, flexible lease terms, and ultimately help you create a happier more productive workforce at a fraction of the cost of other options.

Our housing solutions provide a happier, more rejuvenating environment for your team members, which research shows can increase their productivity, overall job satisfaction rates, and employee retention. You and your team will experience the benefits of our easy "1 stop shop experience." This includes a speedy check in and check out process, the convenience of writing only 1 check per month, and the amenities of a full service hotel - at a fraction of the cost. This gives you better recruiting power and a financial competitive advantage.

corporate housing
 Brant Greathouse, Founder

Why Companies Choose Us:

  • They want to work with a proven, reputable and experienced Midland/Odessa based housing provider they can trust.
  • They want to provide excellent accomodations, in good neighborhoods, at a cost effective rate that is much less than hotels and man camps.
  • They are constantly challenged with employees complaining about their living conditions.
  • They want to keep their employees that are being recruited and leaving for other employment options.
  • They are experiencing higher than normal burnout and turnover due to their employees living in non-optimal conditions.
  • They are tired of dealing with book keeping nightmares of writing multiple checks, too many invoices to deal with, maintenance, and having to handle other bills like utilities, cable and internet.
Corporate Housing
corporate housing

The Neely House

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The Glenwood House

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The Imperial House

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Each House is Fully Furnished

Our houses are turn key properties. All the crew has to do is move in. They don't have to worry about getting furniture or beds to sleep on. We provide all of that for them.

Maid Service & Yard Service Included

We take care of the property's upkeep. Your crews can spend their time off work relaxing without having to worry about cleaning or mowing.

Cable, Internet, & All Bills Paid

We take care of everything for you. No need to worry about getting the utilities turned on, or getting WiFi service. Our properties truly become your worker's home away from home.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Having a house to come home to and a quiet room to myself is truly something I don’t know what I would do without. I get better sleep and I would say it definitely helps me be more productive on the job. I’ve stayed in other places, and frankly, they don’t even compare.” 

W.D. Lewis

"Having a place to grill when anyone in our house goes hunting is great! Nothing like fresh venison when you are working 60+ hours a week. Feels like home. We would never experience this in a hotel, man camp, or RV.  I am grateful that my company cares about us enough to put us up in a nice home.  And, I hear that its LESS expensive to stay here?  That shocked me – and now, I wouldn’t choose any other option than Corporate Housing Co-Op.  These guys are the real deal and have figured out how to help hard workers feel comfortable, safe, and happy”
“Any time someone asks me about Corporate Housing Co-op I have nothing but good to say. They go out of their way to pay attention to their guests needs and provide quality professional service. I get far more than I would get for a hotel room, including maid service, comfortable beds, warm living furniture.  And, who would think that I get all this at a fraction of the price of a hotel?”

“I have personally been contacted by 3 head hunters in the last 30 days. This happens happens all the time in here in Odessa. I haven’t returned ONE call because my company takes care of me. I am loyal to them because they seem to be looking out for my needs. Providing quality housing definitely makes a difference.” 


“You never realize how nice it is to cook until you have lived in most kinds of extended stay housing. With Corporate Housing Co-op they provide a fully furnished kitchen that I use daily. I can use my per diem much smarter to buyer healthier food, and much more of it”

Want to find out how to increase your profits & increase worker retention at the same time?

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